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Dosing Station ASIN AQUA Oxygen vs

ASIN AQUA OXYGEN is a chlorine-free dosing system, where hydrogen peroxide is typically used for water disinfection in the pool instead of liquid chlorine. The ASIN AQUA OXYGEN chemical dosing station is fully automatic, ensuring complete dosing control in the pool, as well as managing the circulation pump and pool heating. The function of connecting to the Internet will allow remote monitoring of the sanitary condition of the pool, pH, and temperature.

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Dosing station ASIN AQUA OXYGEN


ASIN AQUA Oxygen has four dosing pumps to ensure high water purity. Each of them doses a certain substance:

1. Disinfectant
2. PH- (acid) or PH+ (alkali)
3. Algaecide
4. Flocculant

The ASIN AQUA Oxygen model has a user-friendly control panel with a color touch screen. The station is equipped with a flowmeter that determines when the pool's circulation pump is operating, so dosing occurs only when the optimal level and water circulation in the pool are maintained. The system automatically adds a set amount of disinfectant to the pool, measured in ml/m3 per day.


ASIN AQUA Oxygen Specifications:

  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • Chlorine-free pool dosing system
  • Color touch screen
  • Ease of operation
  • Multilingual menu
  • Compact design
  • 4 peristaltic pumps
  • Easy installation
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Water flow regulator with built-in mesh filter
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection for internet access
  • Thermometer measures pool water temperature
  • Timer for managing the pool's circulation pump
  • Additional control for circulation pump freezing
  • Additional control for water level in the pool
  • Includes flocculant mixer

ASIN AQUA provides highly efficient water disinfection in any type of pool, adjusting the dosing of pH MINUS or pH PLUS. The procedure for stabilizing the water's acidity in the pool occurs quickly and at an optimal level. The model can also dose a small amount of algaecide, addressing the issue of water and pool wall contamination with algae. Adding flocculant to the water enhances the effectiveness of the filtration process. Slow and continuous dosing of flocculant (coagulant) contributes to improving water clarity.

Equipment Set:

  • ASIN AQUA Dosing System
  • pH probe
  • 4 dosing valves
  • 4 tube weights (insert the end of the tube into the chemical container
  • so the tube remains at the bottom of the container)
  • 2 x connecting valves - regulate water supply to the water sampling circuit
  • Pool testing kit (pH and chlorine)
  • Tube cutter
  • Plastic tubing
  • Water temperature sensor and pocket

The pool circulation pump can be connected to the output socket on the side of ASIN AQUA Oxygen. Then, the circulation pump can be programmed using the timer in ASIN AQUA, to start and stop at the desired time. ASIN AQUA can also act as a freeze protection thermostat, for which an additional air thermometer needs to be purchased. The dosing device ASIN AQUA Oxygen comes with an RJ45 Ethernet socket. This allows connection to an internet router and remote control of the chlorine level, pH, and other indicators via an app on a smartphone or through an internet browser. ASIN AQUA Oxygen provides the ability to measure the water temperature in the pool, and then manage the heating to turn on and off the pool heating as necessary to maintain the desired temperature. The ASIN AQUA set includes a thermometer, which is inserted into the pool pipeline to measure the water temperature.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 230V / 50Hz
Power Consumption: 24 VA
Power Consumption with pump: 1449 VA
Fuse: T800 mA; T160 mA; T6.3 A
Overvoltage Category: II
Protection Degree: IP30
Operating Temperature and Humidity: from +5 to + 40 °C / 60%
Output Relay Contacts: max. 230V / 1A voltage-free relay
Max. Filter Pump Power: 1.49 kW / 230V AC
Pool Volume: max. 250m3
Dimensions: 430 x 330 x 160 mm
Weight: 6.7 kg
Installation: Wall-mounted
Dosing Pump Performance: 60 ml/min / Max. 1bar
Dosing Pump Performance FLOCC: 10 ml/min / Max. 1bar
Maximum Water Pressure: 1.5 bar


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