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Would you like to swim in your own Olympic-sized pool, but it won't fit your garden? The ELEGANCE countercurrent is just the thing for you. As a consequence, you can constantly push the limits of your possibilities and train your swimming endurance even in a pool with minimal dimensions.

Pool counter current is one of the most popular pool accessories. It will allow you to swim without having to constantly turn around in the pool. The countercurrent will make the enjoyment of swimming more pleasant and you no longer have to visit public swimming pools to actively swim. This way, you don't have to share the unique moments of relaxation with anyone, you will improve your physical condition and your children will surely be delighted too.

Currently, the counter current in the pool is part of the standard equipment. It is mainly purchased by those who want  to do something for their health and body in private , without having to visit crowded swimming pools and public pools. If you don't know which pool countercurrent to choose, be inspired by, for example, the company ALBIXON, which specializes in pools, roofing and pool accessories.

Pool countercurrents are divided into built-in and suspended. The built-in counter current  is suitable for pools that are embedded in the ground. This countercurrent should already be acquired as part of the construction of the pool, because it is mounted in the pool wall. Any design of the front part can also be selected. The built-in counterflow consists of a powerful pump (2.2 - 4.7 kW), connecting fittings with a large opening, shut-off valves, a pneumatic button for switching the counterflow, air suction and electropneumatic control. 

The second type of countercurrent is  the suspended countercurrent , which is suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Suspended counter currents can be easily installed even in already built pools and it is very simple to put into operation. As an accessory to both types of counter currents, special attachments are also supplied, which serve as massage tools.

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