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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Extend your swimming season with a certified enclosure. Thanks to the Retractable pool enclosure, your water won't just get cold and the surface remains clean. A pool enclosure is also essential to ensure pool safety.

Pool enclosure benefits


Safety and Protection

  • Shield yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Stay protected from bothersome insects like wasps or flies.
  • Ensure the safety of children and pets by securely closing and locking the system.
  • Stay shielded from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, sleet, or snow.

Efficiency and Maintenance

  • Make the most of your swimming pool throughout the year, even during cold weather.
  • Extend the usability of your pool to every season, promoting higher water temperatures and reducing maintenance time.
  • With reduced reliance on chemicals, keep your pool clean and clear.
  • The closed system effectively traps heat, leading to lower heating costs.
  • Minimize water loss due to evaporation.
  • No need to go through the hassle of winterizing and shutting down your swimming pool.

Comfort and accessibility

  • Experience the outdoors instantly with a simple button press or by manually operating the system.
  • When closed, the system can raise the indoor temperature by up to 30°C.
  • Enjoy convenient access to your house with an easy direct connection.
  • Embrace a fulfilling life both indoors and outdoors!

Profiles and Rails

Every pool enclosure we offer is crafted from a special aluminum alloy, ensuring a robust and reliable structure. This material can be treated with various finishes such as silver anodizing, powder coating, or decorative accents. Our wide range of color solutions allows for the realization of even the most daring design ideas in the manufacturing of the pavilion.


M profiles

These are profiles for small and medium enclosures. Elegantly rounded and firm inside and out.

Cross-section 40 × 55 mm (1’4’’ × 1’10’’)

L profiles

They are suitable for medium-sized enclosures. They have the same appearance as M profiles, but their structure is reinforced.

Cross-section 40 × 55 mm (1’4’’ × 1’10’’)

L+ profiles

Profiles for large enclosures. The middle profile is larger compared to the L series.

Cross-section 40 × 55 mm and 40 × 72 mm.

(1’4’’ × 1’10’’ and 1’4’’ × 2’4’’)

XL profiles

This profile series is designed for the largest enclosures, where there is an emphasis on uncompromising durability.

Cross-section 73 × 55 mm (2’5’’ × 1’10’’)


AIR rails

They are suitable for enclosures made from M, L, and L+ profiles. The rails are manufactured in such a way that the anchor bolts are not visible. We offer a version for enclosures with a low and high impact angle.

Height 20 mm, pitch 70 mm (0’8’’ × 2’4’’)

AIR rails 110 mm (3‘7‘‘)

AIR rails specifically designed for the CASABLANCA enclosure with XL profiles.

Height 20 mm, pitch 110 mm (0’8’’ × 3’7’’).

Panels and Colours

The structure's surface is clad in organic glass and transparent cellular polycarbonate. Owing to the unique physical properties of these materials, our pool enclosures can harness solar energy, boosting the pool water temperature by an average of 8°C. Additionally, these enclosures feature UV protection and a "NO DROP" surface finish, providing an added layer of durability and quality. The enclosure structure is finished with durable powder paint. We offer a wide variety of colours and decors for you to choose from. Please note that for standard enclosures the colours are fixed.


Compact polycarbonate

The most popular variant is the compact polycarbonate PK4 with a thickness of 4 mm. You will love its elegant appearance and perfect transparency. UV protection as standard and available in 2 colours.


Channel polycarbonate

The channel polycarbonate PK8 and PK10 with a thickness of 8 or 10 mm is stable. It has excellent insulation capabilities and provides plenty of privacy when swimming under a roof. UV protection as standard and available in 2 colours.

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