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Technology boxes

Technology boxes

Technology boxes

Fully piped, assembled and wired - with pool technology from Europe's largest manufacturer of pools and roofing

Technological wall

Placing new technology on the technological wall is possibly the most comfortable access to pool technology. It's easy accessible and is usually installed in a summerhouse or garage. You have all equipment in it conveniently at fingertips.

Generally, the more advanced technology you choose, the less you will have to deal with. There are 5 wall types to choose from. Firstly, you decide which water treatment option you want - salty or fresh. You only need to connect the technological wall to the pool and to the electricity source and everything is ready. 

If your pool is also equipped with a countercurrent, its pump must be stored in a separate shaft located within one metre of the countercurrent mask.

You didn't choose? It doesn't matter! We're also happy to custom design technological equipment for you.


Comfortable access

You can easily get to the components easily.

 An aesthetic solution

 You can hide everything inconspicuously in a summerhouse, shed or garage

Greater distance from the pool

 You can position the wall up to 10 m from the pool

Easier winterisation

 The components can be left hidden in the wall in the summerhouse

Technology shafts

You can place the swimming technology in the area behind the pool. There, all equipment will be inconspicuously hidden inside, but still acccessible.

The technology shaft is located below ground level and close to the pool. The benefit of the shaft is that you can place a countercurrent drive in it apart from the pool technology.

You have several technology shaft options to choose from. If you want to take care of the pool as little as possible, then choose a shaft equipped with the most advanced technology. We have shafts with salt and fresh water treatment available. All you have to do is connect the technology shaft to the pool and to the electricity source and everything is ready.

You didn't choose? Never mind! We'll also be happy to custom design technological equipment for you.


Close proximity to the pool

All the technology is hidden in a shaft by the pool

It can be equipped with counter flow

You can also place a counter flow pump directly in the shaft


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