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Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

If you buy your dream pool, you'll definitely want to enjoy it after the main summer season. This isn't a problem with a heating pump that uses natural energy from the surrounding environment.

Heat pumps

The most efficient way to heat the water in the pool is to use a heat pump. During its operation, it takes low-temperature energy from the air and uses compression to convert it into heat, which then penetrates the water in the pool and heats it. Compared to electric heating, you can save up to 80% of electricity. At the same time, the cold from the water is removed to the surroundings. Thanks to the heat pump, you can significantly extend the bathing season. And that's not all. Our XHPFD heat pump also works the other way around – on hot summer days it can also cool the water for your perfect refreshment.

Heat pumps with inverter

Regulate the performance of your pump according to the current need and do not spend money unnecessarily. Compared to a classic heat pump, with our inverter heat pump you have the option to set the pool heating speed as you like. Don't be limited by anything and set the pump to a higher output when, for example, you need to quickly heat up the pool for a party or after a cold period, and then switch it to economy mode at any time and maintain a constant water temperature using lower output and with lower energy consumption.

Programme choices:

ECO - efficient water heating at lower power and with low energy consumption

STANDARD - quick warm-up with acceptable performance and corresponding consumption

BOOST - the fastest warm-up at higher performance and with higher consumption

Heat pumps XHPFDPLUS

Powerful XHPFDPLUS heat pumps are constants in our offer. Now new with a modern look and the option of adding a touch screen and Wi-Fi connection. Most variants use the ecological refrigerant R32.


INVERBOOST PX heat pumps

These pumps are known for their exceptionally quiet operation without compromising on performance and efficiency. You have the convenience of controlling them through a user-friendly touch screen or remotely via wifi. With three modes available - ECO, STANDARD, and BOOST - you have the flexibility to select the desired water heating speed and manage electricity consumption accordingly. Additionally, these heat pumps utilize the environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant, ensuring an eco-conscious choice.

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