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Dosage station for public pools ASIN AQUA PROFI ASIN Aqua PROFI

The Asin Aqua Profi automatic dosing station is designed for installation in public pools that must comply with sanitary and hygiene standards. Therefore, you can confidently entrust the water quality in the pool to the Asin Aqua Profi automatic station. It measures and regulates the pH level, the amount of free chlorine, and the water level and temperature.

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Asin Aqua Profi Dosing Station

It can be connected to four peristaltic or diaphragm pumps, a saltwater electrolyzer, or a gaseous chlorine dosing device. Additionally, the station doses flocculant. Control is performed through a touchscreen display. Furthermore, there is an option to connect an external information display EXT.

Installing the mobile application allows remote management of the station's functions and water quality monitoring. For greater convenience and remote control, you can utilize the iPOOL service, available for connection on Android and iOS platforms.

An additional remote display panel can be connected to the Asin Aqua using a cable. The display has an attractive appearance and shows the following on the remote display: pool water temperature, pH level, oxidation-reduction potential, or free chlorine level.

ASIN AQUA Profi measures:

1. pH
2. Free and total chlorine
3. Oxidation-reduction potential
4. Pool water temperature (with an additional water temperature sensor)
5. Water level in the pool (with an additional water level sensor)

In addition to monitoring the liquid chlorine level, ASIN AQUA Profi can also control one or multiple cells of a salt chlorine generator. It regulates both pH plus and pH minus levels, as well as the flocculant.

Chlorine Control and Dosing

Chlorine Control and Dosing

ASIN AQUA ensures highly effective water disinfection in public and private pools. Precise measurement of the chlorine levels in the pool water is achieved through a free chlorine sensor in combination with digital technologies.

Daily Algaecide Dosing

ASIN AQUA can dose a small amount of algaecide in both open and closed pools using a dosing pump. Regular addition of algaecide prevents the growth of all types of algae, mold, and bacteria.

pH Control and Dosing

ASIN AQUA Profi is configured for pH MINUS or pH PLUS dosing, allowing for the regulation of water acidity in the pool to an optimal level. Precise measurement using a pH sensor in conjunction with digital technologies enables the control of the desired pH level in the circulating pool water under all pool operation modes and varying environmental conditions.


Adding a small amount of flocculant to the pool water enhances the efficiency of the filtration process and improves water clarity. Slow and continuous dosing of flocculation and coagulation contributes to the enhancement of filtration properties, ensuring that even the tiniest invisible impurities in the water, which would normally pass through the filter, are effectively captured.

Asin Aqua Profi includes:

  • ASIN AQUA Profi dosing system
  • Redox probe
  • Free chlorine sensor (CLF)
  • pH probe
  • 2 connecting valves
  • Pool testing kit (pH and chlorine)
  • Tubing cutter
  • Plastic tubing
  • Electronic flow meter with filter

    Specifications for Asin Aqua Profi:

    • Voltage: 220 V
    • Number of dosing pumps: 4
    • Controllable parameters: pH, Cl (chlorine), Redox, temperature, and water level
    • Temperature range: +5 to +40°C
    • Dimensions: 400x830x200 mm
    • Weight: 5.5 kg
    • Wall-mounted installation
    • Color touchscreen display
    • User-friendly operation
    • Multilingual menu
    • Connectivity to external dosing pumps
    • Easy installation
    • Advanced safety features
    • Water flow regulator with built-in mesh filter
    • Internet connectivity
    • Thermometer measures pool water temperature
    • Timer for controlling the circulation pump of the pool
    • Additional water level control for the pool
    • Additional control for freezing of the circulation pump for the pool

    The main functions of Asin Aqua Profi include:

    • Automatic flocculant dosing
    • Water flow control to sensors
    • Heating control
    • Automatic backwashing
    • Measurement of free chlorine concentration
    • Filtration timer
    • Anti-freeze function
    • pH level control
    • Storage of input parameters in memory
    • Control of disinfectants and sensor errors
    • Capability to connect multiple stations into one network

    Asin Aqua Profi is the perfect system for managing water quality parameters in a pool, adhering to the highest standards of measurement accuracy.

    Connection Diagram:



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