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Automatic Control for Filtration/Heat Exchange/Lighting/Counterflow-F1VSP3DIGI

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Electric automatic control for pool technology is divided into four basic modifications:

  • Filtration control
  • Filtration and electric heating control up to 15 kW
  • Filtration and electric heating control over 15 kW
  • Filtration and heat exchange control

    Each of these controls can be supplemented with a range of other electrical components. The simplest is connection and operation, e.g. lighting, counterflow, dehumidifier, etc. However, it is also possible, by agreement, to add any other electrical components, e.g. blocks with already existing electrical equipment in the pool building (heating, etc.). Another option for enhancing relaxation comfort at the pool is connecting water attractions directly from the pool using a pneumatic-electric converter or a remote control system (suitable when the technology is difficult to reach in a technical room).

    Automatic control for filtration, lighting, counterflow, and heat exchange - the device includes a 30 mA current protection, switch - automatic/manual filtration mode, timer, filtration operation, operation of pool lights, counterflow supply, digital electronic thermostat with display including temperature sensor, operation and control of circulation pump or electric valve or gas boiler. Setting the desired pool water temperature directly in the switchboard.