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Automatika VArio F1SP3AT - Filtration + Lights + Counterflow 400V + Dosing without own measurement + Heat pump

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The automation contains a built-in DIN module of the intelligent control of the VArio pool and is used for easy installation and electrical wiring. There are sockets with descriptions on this automation, indicating which technology they are intended for.

Thanks to the intelligent VArio system, individual elements of pool technology can be controlled via the internet, local WIFI network or remote control. The WIFI module or RC module must always be purchased in addition to the DIN module. The DIN module itself does not have a control interface.

More information about individual control systems can be found in the "Download" tab.

The ideal basic combination is the VArio DIN module automation with a WiFi module, which allows not only pool control over the internet but also remote support and system diagnostics via the internet.

The system can be supplemented with an RC module for direct local control. The RC module also has IP 65 protection, making it resistant to splashing water or rain, and it can be placed next to the pool even during swimming.

Installation - 3 simple steps:

  • Mount the automation on the wall
  • Connect pool technology to the corresponding sockets
  • Connect the entire automation to the electrical network

To the automated control F1SP3AT you can connect:

  • Single-phase filtration (230 V)
  • Lighting
  • 400 V counterflow
  • Dosing unit without own measurement (VA SALT, UV lamp, etc.)
  • Heat pump with maximum power of 10 A / 2.2 kW

VArio automation can also be custom ordered for a specific installation -- to request a price offer, use the order form found in the "Download" tab.

Note: If installing the VArio intelligent system on an existing installation, we recommend consultation regarding communication with the dosing station.