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This huge torispherical enclosure has a light look, sporting the maximum possible area of glazing and still providing you the comfort of an indoor pool. Since it is also telescopic, you can easily make it disappear.



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HARMONIE pool enclosures
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HARMONIE pool enclosures
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Pool enclosure Klasik D 6.5 x 12.8 m, 1.75 m high, manufactured by Albixon BOX

Looking for an affordable medium height pool enclosure with the best value for money? Then you are in the right direction. After all, pool enclosures of Klasik model are the most popular all over the world due to their incomparable durability.

The shape of the classical arch (hemisphere) provides the greatest resistance to weather conditions among all other models of pool enclosures. Therefore, it is suitable for both temperate climatic zones and mountainous areas.


A high level, wide span telescopic pool enclosure.

• External widths from 4 - 7m
• Heights range from 2.2 - 2.5m depending on the pool width
• Guide rails on both sides of the enclosure
• Manual positioning system
• 4mm solid transparent polycarbonate glazing


Other mechanical parts
The wheels used for the moving parts are double-bearing wheels. For comfortable rolling and long life, the ball bearings have a dust-protected, stainless steel design.

These rollers are not commercially available, they are specially manufactured parts for Aquacomet Ltd, ensuring that the most suitable wheel is fitted to each of our track systems.

Load-bearing structure
The designed profiles are produced exclusively to our company's order, using the press tool financed by us. The processing of pressings is typically high-tech for large-scale industry, and our supply partners are the plants of the largest international groups. The profiles are made of heat-tempered high-strength aluminium-magnesium alloy - AlMgSi0,5 - which we incorporate in our products in anodised or powder-coated finishes. The fasteners, structural joints and other components used in the production process are made of stainless steel or high-strength plastics and other aluminium products.


Glazing materials

The covers feature durable polycarbonate sheets, tailored to each product and structure. These UV-stabilized sheets are co-extruded with acrylic protective layers on both sides, ensuring longevity and quality. Options include transparent solid sheets and air-chambered cellular types, with sky blue sheets also available. Safety glass is offered for select covers. Integrated within aluminum profiles using EPDM rubber gaskets, this flexible installation method guarantees a long-lasting structure.


    • Safety: Protect your children and pets from falling into the water.
    • Higher water temperature: with an enclosure, the water in the pool is much warmer.
    • Water is FREE heated by the sun and does not lose heat through the cover.
    • Save your pool heating energy and chemicals costs in three times. Spend less time cleaning the pool.
    • Cleanliness: the pavilion protects against the ingress of leaves, seeds, dust, debris, insects, etc. into the water.
    • Weather conditions: Use the pool regardless of the weather and extend your swimming season.

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Elevate your swimming experience with Harmonie Pool Enclosures, offering year-round enjoyment regardless of the weather. Crafted with high-quality materials for unmatched durability, our enclosures provide protection while seamlessly blending with your outdoor space. Choose from customizable options to create the perfect oasis for your family. With Orion, make every swim a luxurious escape.