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Heating EOVp-15, 15 kW, 400 V, plastic with electric flow valve

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Electric flow-through heaters are designed for heating water in pools and whirlpools. The operation consists of heating the flowing water with a heating element, and the temperature of the heated water is controlled by a regulating thermostat. The heating element is connected through a contactor, which is controlled by the aforementioned thermostat, and a safety flow indicator. For this reason, a so-called large automation system is required - a 24-hour filtration timer, current protector (protection against hazardous touch voltage), motor thermal protection, contactor, and heating switch.

Pool electric flow-through water heaters of types EOV, EOVp, EOVk, EOVTi, EOVnTi, and EOVn are specially designed for heating pool water or water in other water circuits with flow and temperature up to 40°C. Each heater must be installed in an electrical system behind a current protector. Therefore, we recommend complementing the device with a suitable type of automatic control from VÁGNER, which will reliably ensure not only the desired comfort but also user safety. The difference between EOV and EOVp lies in the use of plastic for the body envelope and the use of a flow valve instead of a pressure switch as a protective device for water flow.

Each EOV electric heater:

  • utilizes the conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy
  • is made of high-quality PVC (type EOVp)
  • has a heating element made of stainless steel material INCOLOY 800, M1182 ensuring the best quality
  • is 100% tested for tightness
  • can be connected to the water circuit by gluing 50 mm
  • is equipped with a thermostat up to 40°C and a thermal safeguard
  • is equipped with a flow switch that monitors the water flow
  • is equipped with 2 brackets for easy installation

Operating conditions:

  • Minimum water flow rate: 4 m³/h
  • Operating pressure: 0-3 bar
  • Connection: to a water circuit with a pipe diameter of 50 mm
  • Water quality: chloride content max. 150 mg/l
  • chlorine content max 1 mg/l
  • pH range 7.0-7.8