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Inspired by nature and the traditions of the Baltic sauna, we creates an opportunity for a unique wellness experience. Natural material, treated responsibly, made into a product that embodies the quality, aesthetics and design of Northern Europe.

Now, you can create a sauna culture of your own with our range of meticulously and responsibly-crafted saunas. Perfect for relaxing or entertaining, saunas give you a unique space your own and share with others.

Why to choose our saunas?

  • Sustainable
  • Real wood products
  • Functional design
  • Easy assembly


Stable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

Thermally modified wood is entirely natural. The heat treatment process is chemical-free and improved performance is achieved simply by the controlled application of heat and sream. Our wood material is certified Nordic Spruce which is sourced from Northern European forests and grown with sustainable practices. 

Thermally modified Nordic Spruce is aesthetically pleasing wood material that is significantly more durable and stable than conventional timber. You can be sure it won`t expand or contract during the weather and temperature change.


We are offering different optional add-ons to saunas to fulfill all your needs. Different roofing potions, panoramic windows, terraces, LED lightning and two ways for the heating system.

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