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MPL 030 EL - Vacuum Sterilizer 400W, DN100

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Disinfection by ultraviolet radiation is one of the technologies that are increasingly used to improve the treatment of drinking and pool water in recent times. The principle of disinfection is based on the photochemical damage of RNA and DNA, proteins, enzymes, or other biologically significant macromolecules.

The effectiveness of disinfection depends on the dose of UV radiation, the type of UV lamp used, and their arrangement with respect to the direction of flow of drinking or pool water. To select the appropriate type of UV device, it is necessary to determine and ensure the required dose of UV radiation, which depends on the flow rate and quality of water in terms of its permeability, i.e. the concentration and type of dissolved and undissolved substances that affect the reflection or absorption of UV radiation.

Polychromatic vacuum-type UV lamps emit UV radiation at 185-400 nm, with the intensity of the emitted UV energy not dependent on temperature and can be operated at different levels depending on the type of UV lamp. As a result of the different intensity of the emitted UV energy, it is possible to replace up to 12 low-pressure monochromatic UV lamps with one highly efficient UV lamp, which utilizes a higher intensity of radiation for a shorter period. The higher efficiency leads to a reduction in the size of UV devices and their compactness.

The possibility of combining UV radiation with other treatment technologies leads to achieving high water quality. The advantage is a reduction in operational requirements, savings in dosed chemicals, and safe and easy operation in automatic mode. The disadvantage is the possibility of secondary contamination, so UV radiation itself is not suitable for hygienic protection. In practice, it is therefore often combined, for example, with chlorination.

ModelMax. flow rateIntensity of radiationNumber of UV lamps: powerConnection DNLength of reactor

MPL 030 EL 20 m3/h60 mJ/cm21 x 400 WDN 100396 mm


  • Continuous, highly efficient, and instantaneous disinfection
  • Reduction of chloramines by up to 75%
  • Improved organoleptic properties of water
  • Reactor made of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel 316L)
  • Protective quartz glass
  • Indication of faults and status of the entire unit
  • Without wiping system
  • Reactor equipped with a drain valve and flow sensor
  • Lamp lifespan: 8,000 - 10,000 hours