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Celtic 4 - 3 Person Hot Tub

Pool with Celtic 5 hydro massage for 3 persons

Celtic SPA 4 can accommodate up to 5 persons with 1 ordinary and 2 lying places. A total of 31 hydromassage nozzles provide a deep, effective and relaxing massage for the whole body. The hot tub is equipped with an ozonizer cleaner that keeps the water clean at all times. Standard equipment includes color LED lighting, anatomical headrests, waterfall, control system and titanium heater, heat protection cover and durable side panels.

The production process of HANSCRAFT products has already twice passed the quality control of TÜV RHEINLAND. The quality of our products is of great importance to us, which is why we reserve the right to use the TÜV certificate for the OKA Design, HC Design, Celtic Spas and PPHC series jacuzzi models.







216 x 160 x 93 см

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Size: 216 x 160 x 93 cm
Volume: 950 l
Weight without water: 200 kg
Power supply: 3F/380V/50Hz

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Pool with hydromassage Celtic 4 by Hanscraft Design

The Celtic 4 hydromassage pool is designed for couples or a small household. Due to the size, you can place it even indoors (passes through the door). Also suitable for external use. It has sufficient insulation for the bowl and body, withstanding temperatures up to -30 ° C. Provides a comfortable number of nozzles, comfortable positions and a large selection of body colors + formwork.

The Celtic 4 hydromassage pool is made of quality American Lucite acrylate. The body of the hydromassage pool consists of 3 main layers - acrylate, ABS and Italian revolutionary material Green Shield. All layers are completely recyclable and safe for health (unlike competitive bathroom lamination).

The hydromassage pool has enough space for 3 adults. During production, attention was paid to the ergonomics of all positions, so it offers real comfort. There are 1 seat and 2 seats for lying. The pool is equipped with 37 nozzles, which will provide the owner of the pool with a detailed full body massage at an affordable price.



Dimensions: 216 × 160 × 93 cm

Water volume: 950 liters

Number of loungers: 2

Number of seats: 1

Net weight: 200 kg

Pump: 1× DUAL 2.2 kW

Titanium heater 3 kW (Balboa)

Filtration: CMP cartridge, USA

Shell material: ABS acrylic (Lucite / Aristech, USA) + Green Shield

Nozzles: 31 hydromassage, 6 air nozzles (total 37)

anatomical headrests
a strip of spotlights
colored LED lighting
titanium water management and heating system
thermal cover
strong side panels




for health

Hydromassage nozzles

Hydromassage nozzles from CMP in Hanscraft hydro massage pools provide various types of massage. The hydro massage pools are equipped with 4 types of stainless steel jets in 3 different sizes. They all have adjustable Ventury effect and additional air to the hydromassage jets. The jets are perfectly positioned to specifically target certain areas of the body.


Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is very good for the soul and body. It has a relaxing and healing effect. Thus, it can relieve muscle tension and pain in the joints, help regenerate the body and blood circulation, remove toxins, reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. The nozzles are located in such a way as to affect certain areas of the body. Some models have a tastefully chosen and, most importantly, pleasant waterfall that creates a relaxing atmosphere.


The Ventury effect

Thanks to the Ventury effect, you can choose between light and intense massage. The adjusting wheel (air adjustment) allows you to precisely adjust the ratio of air and water for massage nozzles. The Ventury effect promotes the breakdown of toxins, promotes muscle relaxation and provides deep relaxation. In addition, it also helps fight cellulite and stimulates the lymphatic system.


Centralized control

The latest technologies developed by Balboa are utilized to control all functions of the hydro massage pool. A true leader in wellness, Balboa Water Group has been developing hydro massage equipment for over 30 years.

Enjoyment for all

sense organs

Respect for the body from an ergonomic perspective

The dimensions of each seat have been carefully studied according to European standards. For each hydromassage seat, a space has been defined that follows the contours of your body as closely as possible to make sitting and massage comfortable.


Relaxing atmosphere

For those who enjoy peace and relaxation, our hydro massage pools are equipped with an illuminated waterfall. Allow the sound of flowing water to capture you and erase the concept of time from your mind.


A colorful atmosphere

The play of light (thanks to LED lighting) provides the user with all the beneficial effects of chromotherapy. This natural method of projecting colored light onto the skin helps support the proper functioning of the body, both physically and mentally. Chromotherapy can have a positive effect on fatigue, depression, anxiety and is an appropriate addition to hydrotherapy.

Telescopic skimmer for
crystal clear water

They say the best accessories are the ones we don't even notice. The telescopic skimmer allows for perfect water care regardless of the number of people in the hydromassage pool. While stationary skimmers get clogged when the water level rises too high and thus no longer collect surface debris, the telescopic skimmer is always perfect for collecting foam from the water surface.


Audio system

The design of HANSCRAFT hydromassage pools even includes a high-quality audio system in case of absolute relaxation. The system is controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet and is also equipped with a subwoofer to make your experience even richer. An audio system is available for an additional fee for some hot tubs.


Three separate pumps

Silent operation and maximum massage

To achieve quieter operation and the ability to control energy consumption when the hydro massage pool is not in use, we have decided to separate the massage and circulation pumps. Each pump is activated when a specific jet is selected. Thus, the intensity of the massage remains consistent regardless of whether you are using the hydro massage pool alone or with others. The circulation pump is only installed for filtration purposes. This solution allows for significant reduction in noise levels when the jacuzzi is not in use and decreases electricity consumption since all pumps do not operate simultaneously.

Massage pump

We have decided to equip our hydro massage pools with two single-speed pumps rated at 2.2 kW instead of one dual-speed pump (depending on the model of the hydromassage pool). This was done to ensure a longer service life and, importantly, to provide optimal massage with a consistent flow rate at all points.


Circulation pump

The installation of a circulation pump has several advantages:

- Significant reduction in the noise of the hydromassage pool while in standby mode.
- Lower energy consumption compared to hydromassage pools that use dual-speed motors for water circulation.
- Allows for additional extension of the service life of massage pumps.


Our hydromassage pools are equipped with an air pump for even more intensive hydrotherapy. Preheated air is delivered through air jets. This makes the massage even more comfortable, as it reduces the feeling of cold in case of low outside temperatures. The heated air also prevents the water temperature from dropping during the massage.


Optimal insulation

Multi-level insulation for significant energy savings

HANSCRAFT hydromassage pools are designed to allow you to enjoy hydrotherapy in complete tranquility. Your hydro massage bath is the result of innovative technologies specifically aimed at reducing energy consumption.

Like every part of our hydro massage pools, insulation makes no compromises. Whether it's the shell, cladding, casing, or other technical elements, we have developed a range of proven technical solutions that can save up to several kilowatts per year.


The dual-layer GreenShield insulation is much more effective and durable than expensive foam insulation and also improves the longevity of the hydro massage tub.


All panels are covered with 10 mm of heat-protective PVC foam, which isolates the wiring and other technical elements of the hydromassage SPA.

Thermal covers for SPA pools by HANSCRAFT, designed from high-quality materials, which allow you to maintain the ideal water temperature.


Bottom made of ABS material
The thermoformed bottom provides an impermeable barrier against heat loss of moisture and increased humidity coming from the ground.


Water quality is health

The importance of safe water

Water quality in the hydromassage pool also affects your satisfaction, so HANSCRAFT does everything possible to ensure its safety. Elevated water temperatures promote the spread of microorganisms, so effective maintenance is crucial. We equip our hydromassage pools with a dual, completely natural water disinfection system, that is gentle on your skin.


  • Ensures water purity by converting oxygen into ozone
  • 100% natural method
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals needed
  • Helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Destroys pollutants, unwanted odors and lime scale

UV lamp

  • Purifies water using ultraviolet (UV) type C
  • Provides clean and clear water
  • 100% natural
  • Destroys microorganisms, bacteria, algae
  • Reduces the amount of required chemistry


This product has 12 month warranty. In the event of a product breakdown within the warranty period, you should contact us as soon as possible.

The Buyer has the right to make his defective goods claim within 12 months of accepting the goods. If a defect manifests itself within six months of the Buyer accepting the goods, such goods are presumed to be defective at acceptance unless the Seller proves otherwise.


Should you require any further information, please email where we will respond to your request quickly.

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