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Swimming pool Minerva 710

Discover the epitome of aquatic luxury with Minerva 750 Swimming Pool. Dive into a world where relaxation meets sophistication, crafted with precision and elegance. Immerse yourself in the ultimate oasis of tranquility, where every stroke is a celebration of refined leisure. Experience unparalleled comfort and style, redefining your aquatic experience. Elevate your lifestyle with Minerva 750 Swimming Pool, where every dip is a journey into serenity.

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Minerva 710
In stock
Minerva 710
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Swimming pool Minerva 750

This swimming pool is more than 7 m long, which provides enough space for playing and swimming even though the steps extend the entire width of the pool. At the same time, this generous design gives the stairs a magnificent symmetry.


Minerva 710 is a combination of environmentally friendly material and modern technologies.

Wall structure: composite structure, which is made up of several layers of resin (gel coating, barrier layer coating, polyester and vinyl ester), a glass fiber white layer and, optionally, ceramic and thermal insulation layers.
Colors: Diamond white, Graphite gray, Zircon beige, Azure blue
3D colors: Marble white, Atimon gray, Onyx gray, Obsidian gray, Sapphire blue


    • Premium Quality: Crafted with top-notch materials for durability.
    • Customization: Tailored to your preferences for size, shape, and features.
    • Health Benefits: Enjoy improved fitness and stress relief through swimming.
    • Family Fun: Create lasting memories with loved ones in your own backyard.
    • Aesthetic Enhancement: Elevate your outdoor space with a stylish desig

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