10 reasons not to worry about having a swimming pool

10 reasons not to worry about having a swimming pool

Who wouldn't dream of having their own pool in the garden? However, many people have concerns about getting a pool. What will be the worries about installing the pool and its operation? Is it worth the invested money and effort? In this article, we will provide answers to all of these questions.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." — Walt Disney, American film producer of live-action and animated films (1901-1966).


1.A pool costs the same as a car


While almost every homeowner has their own car, having a pool is still seen as a purely luxurious affair affordable only to the wealthiest. However, the reality has been quite different for a long time now. The price of a pool is comparable to that of an average car! And while a car quickly ages and needs to be replaced after a few years, a well-maintained pool can easily last for over 20 years. Additionally, a pool is a great investment in real estate. You can read about it, for example, here: 5 reasons why it's worth having your own pool.

Can I insure my pool in case something happens?

Insurance is not automatically included in the contract; you need to add it to your contract with your insurance company. The pool can be insured as part of the home insurance, so you don't have to worry about damage caused, for example, by natural elements.


Did you know that you can finance the purchase of a pool, for example, through a mortgage for your house?

If you are currently buying a turnkey house or property, you can include the cost of the pool in the mortgage.


2.Having your own pool brings up to ten times more hours of fun and relaxation compared to a public swimming pool

Imagine a four-member family that enjoys going to the public pool to swim and play. If they go together once a week for two hours from May to September, each family member spends about 40 hours by the pool annually. The whole family then spends tens of thousands per year to have fun together at the public pool.

Having your own pool with a heat pump will serve you for a much longer part of the year. In warm water, you can enjoy swimming from April to October. Each family member can easily and without any trouble spend up to 300 hours by the pool annually, without it meaning higher costs for the family.


3.You don't need a building permit for a new pool


Many people unnecessarily worry that they will have to go through complicated permitting processes for a pool. In reality, you don't need one if the pool's area doesn't exceed 40m2. Even our largest pool (4x8m) comfortably fits within this limit. You can find more information in this article: Is a building permit needed for pool construction?

4.The construction preparation is easy and can be handled by anyone


How does the pool construction process work? It's simpler than you might think. All you need to do is decide where in your garden you want the pool. We will then explain everything and provide detailed and understandable documentation so that any construction company can handle the preparation. Simply approach construction companies and provide them with the documents from us. Once our pool and your garden are ready, all you need to do is schedule a crane for a specific day to place the pool. More detailed information can be found in the article: What does construction preparation involve?

5.Pool maintenance takes an absolute minimum of time


There are rumors circulating on the internet that taking care of your own pool can take up several hours per week. However, this is one of the biggest myths about pools. Our pools are essentially self-sufficient and can take care of water quality even without your constant attention. Simply check the pH and free chlorine levels once every two weeks, and it won't take more than 5 minutes. After that, just flush the sand in the filter tank with water every two weeks.

If you notice any debris floating in your pool, you can easily clean it with a pool vacuum in just 15 minutes.

Spring startup: 1-2 hours, once a year
Probe calibration: 5 minutes, every two weeks
Water testing: 5 minutes, every two weeks
Vacuuming: 15 minutes, once a week
pH adjustment: In the case of an automatic salt chlorinator, pH is automatically dosed as needed
Filter backwash: 15 minutes, every two weeks
Winterizing: 1-2 hours, once a year

6.Winter care

 As soon as autumn begins and the temperature significantly drops, it is advisable to consider winterizing your pool. If the water temperature in the pool falls below 10°C, it's the right time to winterize it. You can either winterize the pool yourself or hire a professional service technician for the job. If you decide to winterize the pool on your own, it's important to follow the correct procedure. BENEFIT pools have the advantage that you don't need to drain water below the jets; simply clean the pool, adjust the pH, backwash the sand filter, drain water from the pipes, plug the jets, place an expansion float in the pool, and finally, pour winterizing solution into the pool. We recommend storing all detachable technology (circulation pump, salt chlorinator, probes, the entire salt chlorinator) in a dry and warm place.

What to do to prevent pool damage in winter?

To ensure that your pool survives the winter without damage, it's important to use expansion floats and pour winterizing solution into the pool.


7.A fully functional pool can be left unattended without any issues


When you go on vacation in the summer, do you have to worry about anything happening to your pool while you're away? Of course not. An Albixon BENEFIT pool takes care of itself. The pool technology maintains water quality, and the enclosure ensures that nothing falls into the water.


8.You can place your own pool even in a very small garden


The ideal location for a pool is, of course, a sunny spot with plenty of privacy. However, if you have a small garden, it doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of having a pool. We have prepared hundreds of pools for small gardens where you wouldn't believe a pool could fit. Even in a 3x5m pool, you can easily do fitness swimming with the counter-current system, so you're not limited in any way.

9.You can easily secure the pool with a pool enclosure


When getting a pool, people often worry about small children or pets that can't swim falling into the pool. You can easily complement our pools with an enclosure that completely prevents such accidents. In addition to safety, the enclosure has many other advantages. Debris doesn't get into the water, the water stays warm longer, and so on. Read more about the benefits of a pool enclosure.


10.The pool is not a water guzzler


Many of you may be surprised to learn that our pools only need to be filled with water once! Pool technology is so advanced today that it can maintain water quality without the need for frequent refilling. You don't have to drain the water even in winter. If algae enter the water and it turns green, you can easily clean the water with readily available pool chemicals. Even after years, the water remains of such high quality that even small children can bathe in it.