Pool Enclosure - How to Choose and What Materials to Consider?

Pool Enclosure - How to Choose and What Materials to Consider?

Pool enclosures are slowly but surely becoming a common feature for pools

The reasons are clear – it extends the swimming season to 9 months a year, provides warmer water by 6 to 8 degrees, allows swimming without insects and debris, resulting in savings on pool chemicals. Additionally, a covered pool is safer for children and pets, and thanks to its elegant structure, it enhances the beauty of the garden.

Types of Enclosures



These offer popular, well-established shapes in a modern design that will complement any garden. You can choose from models that differ in size and colors, making it easy to select the suitable enclosure for your pool.



These will satisfy even the more demanding customers who appreciate original design with elegant curved arches for maximum swimming comfort and a stylish appearance.



Low roofing that offers an uninterrupted aesthetic look for the garden and a pool with warm and clean water regardless of the weather. Also available in a variant with two tracks or one track.



The ultra-low roofing stands out with an elegance you won't find elsewhere. We developed it in collaboration with designers from the automotive industry. It has a low profile that gives the pool a luxurious appearance.

Dimensions and Height

The outer length of the roofing should be at least 10 cm longer than the outer length of the pool. Similarly, the width should extend beyond the outer dimensions of the pool by at least 10 cm. The maximum flatness tolerance should not exceed +/- 2 mm per 1 m of length, otherwise it may restrict the smoothness of movement. Higher roofing offers more comfort – you can stand and walk upright in it, which comes in handy (not only) in colder weather. However, be careful that the roofing does not disrupt the aesthetic of the garden and does not obstruct the view.

Type of Filling

The roofing from polycarbonate, which gives it exceptional quality and a long lifespan.

The so-called cellular filling has many advantages compared to solid filling. It is a more cost-effective solution. Water heats up faster and maintains its optimal temperature longer. The material is less prone to abrasion, any scratches and abrasions are less visible. You can choose from a variety of colors.


Rails and Wheels

Sliding pool enclosures are equipped with rails with plastic wheels. We offer what are known as walkable rails with ergonomic design for easy walking without the risk of stumbling and injury. The length of the rail can be extended for each model. This allows you to move the enclosure along the entire length, making swimming and maintenance much easier. You can choose from a variety of rail extension models.