The pool cover - is it necessary?

The pool cover - is it necessary?

Pool covers! What’s so great about them? Do you really need one or is it just another accessory that is not overly important? While you don’t necessarily need a cover for your pool, we’ll run through all the reasons why you should want one.

There is no obligation to purchase a pool cover, but the decision should be made after familiarizing oneself with the full list of advantages of this product. One of the key features that speaks in favor of buying a pool cover is the lack of a constant need to clean the basin from debris, including leaves, insects, and other natural pollutants. In addition, the pool becomes a safe place, especially recommended for those with small children. Pool cover is synonymous with the absence of a child in the water without the supervision of an adult. When the pool is covered, there is a reduction in the costs necessary to heat it, as owners of solar covers have the opportunity to increase the water temperature.

There is nothing preventing you from purchasing a more expensive pool cover, such as a pool enclosure, which has many positive features, allowing for bathing on colder days. Thanks to these pool covers, you can swim in the pool almost throughout the entire season. There is a choice among various types of enclosures and shapes, so owners can perfectly integrate the enclosure with the rest of the garden decor.

Such an investment is not money wasted, and one should be aware of that.


Why is it worth investing in a pool enclosure?

A pool enclosure should be a part of a pool owner's home because it allows for a longer period of pool use. The enclosure provides safety for swimmers and protection against dirt. When using a pool made of fiberglass, the enclosure significantly extends its lifespan and ensures a favorable appearance for a long time. A covered pool is synonymous with slower development of algae and bacteria, resulting in a reduced need for using many chemical agents and detergents during pool cleaning. The pool enclosure looks inviting and tasteful, blending well with the rest of the garden, thanks to its efficient structure. There should be no major difficulties in installing the enclosure, as the installation instructions are provided along with the delivery. The pool enclosure serves many functions and is not in any way an obstacle to using the pool.

Solar Cover

Pool covers have many positive features that contribute to the increasing popularity of private backyard pools. The solar cover prevents the pool from being contaminated by leaves and airborne debris. Additionally, it helps retain heat in the pool for a longer period, as the water temperature does not drop at night due to the cover.

The solar cover is very simple yet economic. It is a dense bubble film that is installed on a special roller positioned around the perimeter of the pool, allowing it to be easily and smoothly unfolded and retracted as needed. The cover is purchased by meters and can be adjusted to fit the pool's dimensions. There are various width options for the pool. You can choose the thickness - 300, 400, and 500 microns, and Geobubble.

Briefly about the advantages of a pool cover:

  1. No constant need to clean the pool from debris.
  2. The pool becomes a safe place for your children.
  3. Reduction in heating costs.
  4. You can swim in the pool throughout the entire season.
  5. Due to a variety of shapes, your pool becomes a stylish addition to the garden decor.
  6. Extends the service life and maintains a good appearance for a long time.

    Therefore, a pool cover is an important purchase for a pool owner.

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